Detoxing and Liquid Fasts Made Delicious at Jojo’s Kitchen in New Rochelle, NY

JolosJolo’s Kitchen in New Rochelle, NY, is known for its tasty vegan food with the flavor of the Caribbean. The restaurant also offers delicious detox meals and fast programs. Jojo’s basic 3-day liquid fasts begin at $35 per day and include: an initial half-hour consultation, breakfast blends, lunch juice, raw soup, a wheatgrass shot, a gallon of alkaline water and herbal teas for each day. Semi-liquid fasts are also offered and vary according to the meals prepared. Jojo’s also serves liquid breakfast meals, which are a combination of nuts, fruit, coconut, and almond or cashew milk. Liquid lunches include wheatgrass and usually alternate between green juices and carrot, beet and ginger juice. Dinner consists of a raw soup. The majority of the ingredients used in the detox and fasting meals are organic, and alkaline water in used in the food preparation.

Jolo’s Kitchen is located at 412 North Ave., New Rochelle, NY. For more information, call 914.355.2527 or visit,, or